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The Bible Study

The Bible Study

Includes Old Testament Study & New Testament Study

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Reading the Bible can feel overwhelming. The Bible Study helps you journey through the Word while relating and retaining the Scripture like never before!

This impactful and approachable resource includes a motivating one-year study, daily and weekly and guidance, and thought-provoking questions to strengthen your relationship with God.


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Join more than 350,000 others who are engaging with the Bible like never before!

A ONE YEAR STUDY: To simplify the Word and uncover what it means to you! This study offers an appealing and motivating approach to diving into God's Word in a way that is straightforward, approachable, and impactful. It has helped 300,000+ individuals approach God's message and understand what it means to them.

WITH TWO BEAUTIFUL BOOKS: Covering both the Old and New Testament. Each book provides you a roadmap of what to read and how to break down His Word with powerful inquiry questions, taking you deeper into your relationship with God. These colorful pages are filled with inspiring quotes to keep you motivated and encouraged along the way!

DAILY & WEEKLY GUIDANCE: Both books included in the study provide you with a clear framework for studying God's Word each week, and daily guidance to support you in simplifying it for yourself, growing you as a Christian and transforming your heart and mind in the process.

THOUGHT-PROVOKING QUESTIONS: As you dive into the Bible you will also have questions to learn how to first understand what it means to you, and then apply it in your daily life, strengthening your relationship with God, yourself, and others.

COLORFUL & ENGAGING PAGES: To draw you in, create excitement, and propel you forward on the one-year journey of studying the Bible and connecting deeper with God.

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Customer Reviews

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Lisa Inle
Not what I expected

Well, I thought this study would have way more detail. I thumbed through it, read some pages, and looked at Revelation (the most difficult book in the Bible, and the study did not explain any of it!) I came across a section where it had "Sunday" all over it. What exactly does that mean? If it is referring to the Sabbath, the Sabbath is on Saturday The 7th day of the week. I haven't opened the books since that day...

Keith Kieltyka

Great way to learn the Bible. Bought these for my family

DeAndre Lue

The Bible Study

Evette Ward

Was not what I was looking for

Nancy Fontaine

No place to check your answers