Highlighted Authors


Zach Windahl

Zach Windahl (ZachWindahl.com) has helped thousands of people understand the Bible better and grow closer to God. It is his goal in life to create resources to make it easier for people to understand the Bible and to grow in their relationship with God. He is the author of The Bible Study and several other books.

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Tara-Leigh Cobble

Tara-Leigh Cobble (TaraLeighCobble.com), a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, is the creator and host of the daily The Bible Recap podcast, which has garnered over 300 million downloads. She is also the founder of D-Group, an international network of discipleship and Bible study groups that meet each week, and the host of a daily radio feature called The God Shot.

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Jonathan "JP" Pokluda

Jonathan "JP" Pokluda is lead pastor of Harris Creek Baptist Church in Waco, Texas, and former leader of The Porch, where he saw the ministry grow from 150 to more than 7,000 young adults. The author of the bestselling Welcome to Adulting and Outdated, as well as the Welcome to Adulting Survival Guide and Welcoming the Future Church, Pokluda came to understand the grace of the gospel in his early twenties, which ignited a desire in him to reach people in their twenties and thirties for Christ.

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Chad Veach

Chad Veach is the founder and lead pastor of Zoe Church, a dynamic community in the heart of Los Angeles, California, a dynamic community in the heart of Los Angeles. For the past 20 years he has dedicated his life to ministry and preaching the Gospel. In addition to leading Zoe, he is an international speaker; the author of three books: Help! I Work With People, Faith Forward Future, and Unreasonable Hope; and the host of Leadership Lean In, a top-charting leadership podcast.

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Noah Herrin

Noah Herrin (NoahHerrin.org) is a pastor, a speaker, and the founder of The Gathering Conference. With a passion and gift of taking complex spiritual truths and making them into accessible, practical, everyday practices, he has become a trusted voice in the Gen Z and Millennial online space and at conferences around the world.

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