Is the Bible true? - Sunday

Is the Bible true?

Is the Bible true and reliable? Is it really God’s Word?

If you believe that it is then we should be studying it daily and living out all of its teachings. But what makes us believe in it fully? Why have so many millions or billions of people changed their lives around because of the words inside this book? It’s fascinating isn’t it?

Well when we look at the Bible, one of the coolest things is the unity throughout. From the first page of Genesis to the last page of Revelation, the content and thoughts inside are all consistent. Which is incredible because it was written over the course of 1500 years by 40 authors in 3 different languages.

We believe the Bible to be God’s Word. Now it didn’t fall from the sky or anything crazy like that. We believe that the Holy Spirit empowered the authors of the Bible to write God’s thoughts. It wasn’t a weird thing at all. The authors knew that they were writing, knew what they were writing, and knew why they were writing it, it just so happens to be that they were led by the Spirit in the writing and they were sharing God’s actual thoughts.

One of the coolest things we see throughout Scripture is all of the prophecies relating to Israel and mankind as a whole. Super detailed. And a bunch of the stuff has already happened. Like hundreds of prophecies about Jesus that were actually fulfilled during his life. Looking at where he was born, how he would die, that he would rise again, the list goes on and on. It’s nuts.

But how do we know that things within the text weren’t changed over time? Well that’s where archaeology comes into play and how the text has spread. the Bible actually has more historical information on the ancient world than any other book. Even if you just use it as a history book it answers a lot of questions. But obviously we believe that it’s much more than a history book. There are over 5,000 manuscripts of scripture that has been found over the years. And in 1947 archaeologists found what’s called the Dead Sea Scrolls that contained a bunch of manuscripts that were 1000 years older than any that we had before then. And what’s even crazier is that there was a 99.5% accuracy between those and the others we had. And really the only errors or differences were sentence structures or misspelled words. The thoughts were identical.

Another thing when looking at the reliability of the Bible is Jesus. Was he a real person and did he actually do what the Bible says?

The answer is yes. We have writings from non-Christian, unbiased historians like Josephus and Tacitus that talk all about Jesus. Who he was, what he did, his death, everything. And they had no reason to aside from documenting history. So Jesus was for sure real, what makes you a Christian is whether or not you believe that he rose again and was actually the Messiah, which I definitely do.

There is no book like the Bible. It’s estimated to have 5 billion copies in print. Been translated into hundreds of languages. And the content is just as true today as it was back then.

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