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Is Bible Study Important in My Life?

This is a great question, and it’s a question that many, if not all of us have thought about at one point or another along our faith journey.

Let’s begin by first laying some groundwork. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, meaning that the words in the Bible are the living and breathing words of God given to us. It is not just a book with some good stories or great moral principles, it’s much deeper than that. The impact that this book has had in the world and in the lives of people is far greater than any other book that’s ever been written.

The Bible is the inspired word of God.

At this point, we probably know what you’re thinking: how can a book that was written some 2,000 years ago still be applicable in my life today? The truth is that as you take time for Bible Study, you will find that it is still very relatable to your life today—even in the 21st century! The Bible speaks to our situations and the circumstances that we go through, but, even more important than that, it also speaks to our spirit in ways that nothing else can; it satisfies the longing that our souls desire.

With this context in mind, we believe Bible Study for any believer should be an essential part of their walk with Christ. It’s really why we’ve set out to create resources like The Bible Study and have made it our mission to help you understand the Bible in a personal way. 

Bible Study isn’t only for the seasoned philosopher or the longtime Christian but can be easy enough for the student who is in the midst of finals or the parent who is building a business and raising a family! Does doing it make you more saved? By no means, but we do believe that it helps you live a much more fulfilled life and a life that God desires for you. 

Our souls are a beautiful thing. Everything we do in life is an overflow of it, meaning that our actions, our words, and the things that we think about were first birthed from there. “Does this mean taking care of our soul is important?” We’re glad you asked! Yes, it’s not only important, but it’s also crucial! Just like we eat food daily to give our bodies the proper nutrition in order to grow and strengthen, we must also feed our soul so that it can remain healthy and strong; and we do this through Bible Study! Matthew 4:4 says,

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

Satisfying our physical bodies through eating is important, but what Jesus is trying to convey in this verse is if satisfying our physical bodies is all we’re worried about, then we’ve missed the point. We must feed our souls with the bread of life so that we can truly live.

Bible Study is how we satisfy our spiritual bodies; it allows us to grow in our relationship with God and see things the way he desires us to see things. It reminds us of his goodness when we’re on the mountain tops and helps us in the most challenging moments because it strengthens our faith and gives us hope through the promises of God. In order for us to think like Jesus, we have to know how he thought and in order for us to know the heart of Jesus, we have to know what He cared about. All this we learn through Bible Study and spending time in His Word.

Bible Study is how we satisfy our spiritual bodies.

Of course, this takes time and it will take discipline. For most of us, setting time aside to read anything is challenging because of how busy our lives are, but when we set time aside to spend time with God, we fill our hearts and our minds in ways that they were created for. For many people, reading the Bible can seem daunting. Maybe you have the desire to read the Word, but really don’t know where to start. Be sure to watch the video How to Study The Bible, where we share our top five tips for studying the Bible. 

Find some time to spend in your Bible. As you do it, you will find the voice of God becomes a little louder, allowing you to not only hear his voice but to follow his voice! 

What is God telling you today?


So many people want to grow in their faith, but feel overwhelmed by the Bible. At Sunday we create resources to make it easier for you to understand the Bible and to grow in your relationship with God.
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