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5 Reasons Why Parents Are Buying This New Bible Study For Their Kids 🎉

Over 150,000 Readers!! 

Here are the big five reasons why so many parents are getting this new Bible Study for their kids and helping them enjoy a fun new way to read and journey through the Bible.

1. It's a Beautiful New Book To Add To Your Coffee Table

Not only will your kids love opening it and using it, you'll find that if they leave it on the coffee table it's the one book you won't make them put away when they're done. With a beautiful linen cover and incredible aesthetic, you won't want to hide it away.

2. Coloring Book Mixed With Learning

If you've ever had trouble keeping your kiddo learning about the Bible, you'll find that The Bible Study for Kids is full of interactive ways for them to learn and be creative, with xx coloring pages.

3. Beautiful Colorful Pages

A study that spans for a full year, your little one will not only enjoy learning more about God and the Bible, the colorful illustrations will help them engage in the Bible like never before.

4. A Full Year of Fun!

The Bible Study for Kids is one of the first Bible studies for kids (4-12) that incorporates coloring pages, illustrations, and stories that spans a full year. It's one of the best ways to help your little one enjoy the Bible and get excited about learning more each and every day.

5. It's the Perfect Holiday Gift 

We've helped over 250,000 individuals dive deeper into their journey with God and now with the release of The Bible Study for Kids, it's the perfect time to help your child do the same. It's the perfect gift for the holidays!

See For Yourself!

The Bible Study for Kids

The Bible Study for Kids is a one year, kid focused study of the Bible that brings the entire family together.The 52-week biblical overview includes illustrations, activities, prayers, and personal applications for the whole family, along with extended reading opportunities for the adults, we believe growing close to God can begin at any age, let us help guide you!


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