A Better Way to Study the Bible.

See for yourself why over 50,000 + people are using The Bible Study to better understand the Word and grow closer to God.

A 1-year study to read the entire Bible and apply it to your life today. Save 20% today *limited time only*!

$30.00 $38.00

A Better Way to Study the Bible.

A 1-year study to read the entire Bible and apply it to your life today. Save 20% today *limited time only*!

The Bible Study has helped over 50,000 people better understand God’s Word and know how to apply it in their own lives. Get your 2-Book study today!

$30.00 $38.00

$38 for 2-Book Study

“I used to speed through the Bible. I didn’t understand it. I just wanted to get through it to say that I’ve read it...”

Studying the Bible can feel overwhelming.

I know how you’re feeling right now...You want to grow your relationship with God. You know that understanding His Word will help you do so.

Yet, when you sit down to read the Bible you find yourself lost, confused or just completely overwhelmed by it all.

I hear you.
Because I’ve been you.

I created The Bible Study for you.

In my lowest moment, I asked God to show me the way.

On hearing His call, I set foot to the other side of the World to study the Bible for a while. Think, 12+ hour days pouring myself into His Word. Witnessing my heart and mind transform.

Better understanding the Bible was the bridge to me developing a real and honest relationship with Jesus (that changed my life forever).

I want the same for you.

Meet The Bible Study

(look inside video)

1 Year To Better Understand The Bible And Grow Closer to God

A 2-Book Study

Covering both the Old and New Testament.


Weekly Guidance

With reading recap and introspective questions to take the teachings further.

Inspiring Pages

Making the 1 year study so easy to go through and stay motivated within.

Save 20% on 2-Book Study

What People Are Saying

I LOVE these books! I have been forced to think about the books of the Bible in ways I never have before! The questions are challenging and really cause you to dig deeper for a better understanding. I’m so intrigued by the answers I am able to come up with that I literally can’t wait until my next bible study session! Thanks Zach, you’re awesome!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


I’ve just started the study and already I have gotten this hunger for the Word and I cannot get enough of this study. I needed something like a guideline to study the Word and this is exactly that. You will not be sorry.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“I have really enjoyed going through the old testament book with a handful of students. They have stayed engaged and love the use of pictures to help connect. The questions are easier to relate to but challenge you to think about the scriptures.”

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


How It Works

Designed to Not Overwhelm

With a weekly rundown and reading recap to help you stay “on-top-of it”.

Keep You On Track

Each week you’ll study 1-3 books of the Bible.


Fits In Your Busy Schedule

Choose when you want to dive into the work and carve out your schedule that best suits you!

How would your faith be different if you could...

Unpack God’s Word and understand what it means to you.

Consistently dive into the Bible and be led by God.

Love the process of reading the Bible (rather than feeling overwhelmed, confused or lost).

I have some GOOD NEWS for you

There’s a better way to study the Bible and grow your faith... and it’s written for people like you and me!

What's included in The Bible Study?

  • Weekly reading plans.
  • Covering both Old and New Testament
  • Supportive teachings and reading recaps
  • Thought-provoking questions and exercises to take your understanding deeper and higher
  • “Coffee-table-approved” design and feel to keep you engaged and motivated

You will love The Bible Study if...

  • You are ready to take your faith deeper and higher (by better understanding the Bible).
  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed every time you dive into the Word.
  • You want a Bible Study that you just LOVE opening up and diving into (with aesthetically appealing pages, design, etc.)

Ready to..

→ Dive into God’s Word with joy and excitement

(Rather than feeling overwhelmed or like you are just trying to “get through it” to check it off but not actually understand it).

→ Easily remember and draw upon the Word in everyday conversations and life

(Because you went through an intentional study framework that helped you not only remember the teachings but also know how they relate to your life)

→ Deepen your relationship with your faith and your community

(Understanding the Bible is not always common amongst people of faith - giving you a chance to help others in their journey and share your own lessons along the way!)


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