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The Best Tools For a 1-Year Bible Study

Get an in-depth step-by-step guide to Scripture, an NLT Bible, and Filament app access to over 27,000 digital study resources to help you on your journey.

Dive Deeper Into The Bible Than Ever Before

Physical, digital, audio, and visual tools together at last.

The Bible Study Bundle

  • Beautiful NLT Thinline Bible with red ribbon marker

  • The Bible Study: Old and New Testament books

  • Bonus: Free access to 27,000 digital media study resources



What's included in this exclusive offer?

A unique combination of resources you won't find anywhere else.

The Brand Sunday's The Bible Study

Old and New Testament Books


New Living Translation Thinline Bible with Filament App Access

Your Bible's text is scannable with your phone to give you access to a library of connected resources that will help you dive deeper, engage more fully, and get inspired!


God's Word


thought-provoking questions


to inspiring worship music


informational study videos

Explore With The Filament App:

25,000 study notes

350+ videos

40+ maps and infographics

400+ profiles and articles

1,500+ devotionals

& an extensive library of worship music

*No additional purchase necessary.

What people are saying...

learning the bible

"The questions that are part of each book are great at making you dig into your personal experience with the Word. I am taking it slow like I am reading it for the first time."

Elizabeth D.

love this study and am gifting them now!

"Helps to clarify the scriptures. We also love the fun-designed pages; it feels like a breath of fresh air!"

Sarah C.

challenging me

"Church has been an anchor my whole life and this study has challenged me to slow down and dig deeper and see things that I haven’t seen before."

Deeann F.

Lose the confusion. Feel connected to God.

Gain confidence in your faith and feel engaged again when you open your Bible to study God's Word. You just need the right tools. That's where we come in.

Just Want The Bible Study?

Reading the Bible can feel overwhelming. The Bible Study helps you journey through the Word while relating and retaining the Scripture like never before! Make studying the Bible simple with our 1-year study roadmap, weekly guidance, and beautiful imagery and design throughout.