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Deepen Your Faith With The 1-Year Bible Recap Bundle

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The Bible Recap: Insightful "recaps" that take you through the whole Bible narrative

The Bible Recap Study Guide: Encourages you to dive deep with your Bible with daily questions

The God Shot: A 100-day devotional that illuminates God's character through key passages from the New Testament

OVER 250,000 SOLD!

Why The Bible Recap Bundle Is Perfect For You

This powerful three-book bundle provides everything you need for a 1-year study that will deepen your personal relationship with Jesus.


Manageable readings to fit into your busy schedule.


Daily questions that help you think deeply about what you're reading.


Meaningful moments with God as you're having coffee in the morning.

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Over 250,000 copies sold


1-year Bible study with a devotional 


3 resources included


100% happiness guarantee 

Have you ever thought:

What does this Bible passage mean?

With this bundle of resources at your side, you'll never feel that way again.

Why Believers Love The Bible Recap

Another Amazing Product

"This guide is worth its weight in gold! I actually know what Job is about! This is a great resource to help you understand some of the finer points and see God's Joy!"

- Joshua B.

I'm Loving This Guide!

"I love that it’s centered around knowing God better, His character and Who He is. I love that there are no dates attached. I love the guiding questions and reminders to ask God’s Spirit to reveal more of Him each time I read. I love the brief but insightful devotional pages that go with each day’s reading. And I love the reminder every time I read that He is where the JOY is!!"

- Laura M.

Measurable/Attainable Goals

"I'd had some friends/family say that they utilized this book. I was aimlessly attempting to read the Bible, bored and misunderstood. It felt like a chore. This helps SO MUCH. Having a measurable plan is great! This doesn't feel like a chore anymore."

- Berette

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