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Sunday Journal
Sunday Journal
Sunday Journal

Sunday Journal

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The perfect companion to The Bible Study is finally here! For those who like to take structure into their own hands, and think best by organizing their thoughts, this handy planner is a perfect fit in your plan to get closer to the Word, and grow on your journey in faith. With it's beautiful marble cover, combined with the simple design and "just the right" size, you will never forget to bring this journal everywhere you go.

  • Create lasting insights every Sunday Service
  • Connect to the word even more with daily reflections
  • Feel at peace with organized thoughts as you go through The Bible Study
  • Get inspired on the go, compact size makes it perfect for school, work, or a weekend away

Behind The Brand Sunday

Stay Encouraged

Understanding the Bible can feel overwhelming. At Sunday, we believe it should be easier. That’s why our study tools are designed to keep you encouraged in your journey through God’s Word. With each study combining design, thought-provoking questions, and uplifting messages.

Awaken a New Connection to The Word

Sunday’s tools are designed to help you see Scripture in a whole new way. Together we journey through weekly readings, themes, inspiring messages, and questions for reflection. Whether you are a new or long-time student of the Word, there is always something beautiful to be discovered.

Move Closer to God

In understanding His Word you will be transformed. You will find new ways to allow more of Jesus into your heart and mind. You will be able to lean on the Word, especially in challenging times. But most important of all, you will deepen your relationship with God.